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Transitando Madrid is the continuation of the Tránsito photographic project, which captures the image of the people who give life to the different places in Madrid. A walk full of stories, experiences and moments that becomes a generator of spaces, leaving behind static and posed photography to capture the idea of the group, abandoning individuality. Blurred portraits that capture the ephemeral movement, while the individual becomes ethereal, as opposed to the permanence of the idea of union and collectivity.


A way of telling the story of Madrid through the experiences of its inhabitants. A city that welcomes and embraces its inhabitants, neighbours and visitors from all over the world. Transitando Madrid is living Madrid from the inside, it is seeing the complete picture of how this city leaves its mark on all those who live in it. Indelible traces of a fleeting transit that can last a moment, days, years or decades.


Space and time become the main concepts in a project where places created to be lived affirm: people pass, space remains. Reaffirming the persistence of space in the face of the ethereality of people in transit.


Transitando Madrid challenges the traditional photographic image in search of the representation of movement at a standstill, or a pause in movement.


Oscar García García

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