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Tránsito is a visual analysis of the spaces and moments of thousands of people, short stories or intense experiences that occur in one place. People pass, space remains.


This is a thematic extension of the original series, awarded with a LUX prize for personal project.

Pamplona is transformed in a unique way during its traditional fiestas, showing an unstoppable traffic of people from all over the world who offer the artist an excellent evolution of his work.


smokeAliens emerge from photographing simple lines of incense smoke which become more complex after mixing them, letting out feelings and visions that come from the depths of the mind to bring us a world of strange, unconscious, funny and risky beings.


"Aqua", is a tribute to the beauty of the permanent. Captures at different speeds show something we are not able to appreciate with a naked eye. The water flows unstoppably and slides among the unbreakable rocks that come out of its path and try to stop, just for a second, the inexorable passage of time.


A weekly tour through feelings and experiences lived during a year


One year, 365 circles

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